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Wheel Loaders are working in the same conditions as the past but, More Horsepower, Larger Buckets, and Higher Break Out Forces make today's wheel loader more productive than the model from 10 years ago. (Future models will be even better than those of today!) With all the advancements, one component has stayed the same from model change to model change; Tire Size.

While the same size tire is used, the dynamics exerted on these tires has increased, resulting in more tire damage. It's a simple formula; Tire Damage = Shorter Tire Life = Higher Operating Cost's per hour.
When preparing next years budget, how do you forecast for tire damage? 

TAUREAN Tire Protection Chains greatly reduce tire damage and provide a reliable fixed cost per hour at your wheel positions. There are other benefits to using TAUREAN TPC's: Fuller Buckets, Less Downtime, Loader Flexibility are just a few. Almost sounds too good to be true.

Please look around our website, and contact us with any questions you may have. You'll notice our site is simple and to the point: If You Can't Benefit From Using The TAUREAN Product, We'll Be The First To Tell You.

TAUREAN Tire Protection Chains are produced in Europe and distributed in North America by PWI.



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